The Best Footballs For Your Kids

FP Studio May 26, 2020 00:00:15 IST
The Best Footballs For Your Kids

Water resistant for your rainy day games!

If you are looking for an all-weather football, the RASON White Hypermenom Pitch Replica Football is a good bet. This replica product can be used for training or recreational purposes and is water resistant for wet, muddy and grassy surfaces. The football is hand sewn with butyl bladder for better air-retention. It is equipped with high-resolution graphics and suitable across age groups.

The Size 5 football is lightweight (around 460 grams). With a world cup size of 32 panel and a PU rubber-make, and requires less inflation compared to latex bladders.

Made and crafted by hands with love

The Tucson PVC Hand Sewn Football weighs 500 grams and is water resistant. It is a PVC (polyvinyl carbonate) coated hand sewn football. This football lasts longer and does not scuff easily. The strong blended stitches and tight seams ensure durability and the butyl rubber bladder complements the same. The size 5 football is ideal for players over the age of 12 and can be used for practice and regular sessions. The Tucson PVC Hand Sewn Football is a 32-panel product with HD graphics which is used in most major tournaments across the world.

This stylish football will turn heads

The Rasco Orange & Black Ordem Pitch 32 Panel Football is a size 5-product which is the ideal size for both young players and the senior age group. The football weighs 440 grams, is wire free, and also lightweight. It has high-resolution graphics and comes with PU rubberized coating which makes this football an eco-friendly product. The Rasco Orange & Black Order Pitch 32 Panel Football has a good look with true flight, soft touch and lively responsiveness. Its glossy coatings often help to reduce water retention, absorption and scuffing.

Comes with high-quality fabric

The Nivia Shining Star-2022 Football is an Indian-made product and can easily withstand the country’s rough and extreme playing conditions. It is an all-weather product and weighs 900 grams. This football can be used all through the year on varied conditions. It is a fantastic product with high durability and a glossy shine. The Nivia Shining Star- 2022 Football’s high quality fabric is softer than others and is a top rated product. This 32-panel product is hand sewn using heavy gauge thread which reflects quality. The outer material is made of high-grade rubber to give players a great bounce and predictable trajectory.

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