The best feminine hygiene products and how to best manage your monthly menstrual cycle

FP Studio June 11, 2020 01:41:01 IST
The best feminine hygiene products and how to best manage your monthly menstrual cycle

Say good-bye to odour and chaffing

One of the most embarrassing facets of going through our monthlies is the fear of odour. Especially in a hot and humid climate that facilitates this, making our cycle harder on mentally and more expensive when we inevitably change pads too frequently. Whisper’s offering of sanitary pads with odour control is the answer to our prayers. Designed with the technology of fresh odourless pearls work to capture and lock away period odour; and soft pores to drive liquid to the core and seal it away. And not only does it free us from upsetting odour but it’s 2x softer with a gentle soft top sheet covering the pads and wings that particularly eliminates chaffing.

For a bacteria free sanitary experience

Maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness during our period cycle is paramount. But even then, our pads become a hotbed for humidity and bacteria. But don’t worry; these pads are designed with green sheet technology and composed of natural ingredients that give you 99.9% bacteria protection. This anti bacteria sheet works in tandem with the extra long and deeply absorbent sheet right down to the last layer which makes for excellent leakage protection and also keeps the top sheet cleaner and less of a hotbed. This dry cover is undeniably a great innovation in the feminine hygiene category.

Comfort that comes with the goodness of nature

One of the newer innovations to hit the feminine hygiene market are these 100 % cotton sanitary pads that biodegrade quicker as they’re made with sustainable ingredients without any added chemical fragrance or chlorine. Each pad is designed with a top sheet that’s made of 100% organic cotton free of chemicals, fertilizers, dyes and other harsh substances, while the core is comprised of Bamboo pulp which is super absorbent and also has antibacterial properties, and finally a leakage barrier that is made up of 100% plant based biodegradable material for extra leakage protection. So this option is high on our list for a variety of reasons!

All night protection for a stress free slumber

Honestly, sleeping during your menstrual cycle is always uneasy and if you’re not at home then nigh impossible to be stress free. But this product promises to do away with all our nighttime worries. Extra long and extra wide sanitary pads that have superior lock pockets with a gel core that work to lock in and seal away fluid to give you 2x better coverage throughout the night. With a dry max cover that prevents leakages from all sides and an odour control system; these ultra thin pads are the best comfort for a goodnights sleep. Even those of us with heavy flow can safely use these without worry.

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