The best daypacks you can buy for your mini vacations

FP Studio June 19, 2020 03:00:10 IST
The best daypacks you can buy for your mini vacations

Small but effective backpack

Killer galaxy makes a beautifully streamlined pack made of long-lasting, high-grade PU- coated polyester fabric. Ideal for the occasional hike or trip around town, the material is lightweight yet strong and endures a fair amount of rough wear and tear. Its adjustable open angles and advanced storage design allows for quick access to the front pocket when you need it. The bright blue color is cheerful making this 12ltr bag stand out from a crowd anywhere. Keep all your belongings organized without the added weight of a heavily padded bag and stay comfortable all day long.

It’s small, it’s rugged, and it’s super safe!

Falling victim to thieves is the last thing you want to happen when you’re enjoying your trip. But it happens especially in touristy locations, crowded bus and train stations or simply because you aren’t paying attention when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. This is exactly why you need this stylish backpack before you head out on your next trip. Made of soft durable PU leather and nylon fabric, it has a durable zipper design that lets you access your belongings from the back. Two adjustable long shoulder straps and one detachable shorter single-shoulder strap makes it comfortable for you to carry it all day long without strain.

Useful and stylish at the same time!

Never underestimate the value of having a stylish and functional day pack when you’re on a trip. Versatile and perfect for any vacation that will have you walking around sightseeing and taking in the sights and sounds, sport this BTS-inspired style to show off your fan love and keep your belongings with you on the go. Made of polyester material, carry this in any trolley or suitcase by laying it flat. Its compact design and large capacity make it easy to pull out and organize quickly when you reach your destination. Besides the breathable strap design and adjustable shoulder pads means, irrespective of how tall you are, you can always make sure your pack sits comfortably on your back for hours without causing any pain.

Makes your outdoor trips much easier

This striking black and red backpack by Fur Jaden is a sturdy option for all of us who enjoy outdoor adventures and activities. This 10-liter pack is small, unobtrusive, and lightweight enough to take anywhere. The sleek and ergonomic design allows for more balanced weight distribution which makes it a great alternative to carrying around a bulky and unsightly backpack especially when it's hot and humid outside. This makes it a suitable alternative to bulky and unsightly backpacks that you would usually haul around on your daily commute. The compact design of this backpack helps you to rest it comfortably on your shoulders while accommodating all your essentials with ease.

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