The best check-in suitcases to buy this year.

FP Studio June 19, 2020 02:00:40 IST
The best check-in suitcases to buy this year.

One of the most spacious bags out there

Business or leisure travel, whichever one you are headed out to do, it's more than likely that your luggage will have something breakable, expensive or both at some point. This is where a great hard sided suitcase like the Delsey Misam will come in handy. Made with high-quality hard ABS, this spacious 81.51 litres suitcase has a rigid frame that will act as a protective shell around your belongings instead of pressing into them. Set up with strong zippered closures, and interlocking sliders it has handles on the top and the side for easy grab and handling. Rain, sun or snow, this travel perfect luggage is definitely the way to go!

Safe, secure and sturdy all in one

Theft and tampering is a big concern when travelling and checking in luggage. We all want to keep out the elements and the bag guys and make sure we’ve reached our destination with all of the right stuff. At a luxurious 82 litres, this Safari thorium suitcase has it all - a strong polycarbonate body, secure numbered lock, sturdy wheels to keep your mind at ease wherever you decide to go. Besides, a hard sided bag like this is simple to clean. Simply wiping down the surface is usually enough to get rid of dirt, stains and any smells.

Lots of packing space for your vacation essentials

If you’re looking for flexibility, better free-wheeling organisational capabilities and higher resilience when it comes to airport wear and tear, then you need this bag. Combine the benefits of durable polyester fabric, a large main pocket and an expander zip to stuff in all your last minute shopping, this is the bag to have when you know you’re going to need the packing space. An external pocket to hold your smaller knick knacks and sturdy 360 degree wheels for easy mobility wherever you go make this bag the one you want to make the most of your packing wherever you go.

Safety and style on a budget

Try this comfortable mid-size case when you’re off on your next vacation. The excellent build quality and finish makes it a stylish travel bag that you’ll enjoy toting around with you. Easy to pack with a zipped mesh compartment on one side and lockable compression straps on the other, this is easily one of the more feature rich bags we’ve seen at this pocket-friendly price point. Sturdy and lightweight, it handles the wear and tear of baggage handling as well as some of its more expensive counterparts and comes out aces on most key areas.

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