The Best Beard Oils in the market to achieve that elusive perfect beard

FP Studio June 26, 2020 00:16:23 IST
The Best Beard Oils in the market to achieve that elusive perfect beard

Best beard oil for a healthier and glossy beard

This beard oil packs a powerful double punch with a blend of Wheat Germ and Cedarwood Essential Oils that together work to give you a thicker, more lustrous beard. Cedarwood Oil penetrates hair to strengthen hair follicles; it also has antifungal and anti-inflammatory benefits which help in reducing hair loss. Wheatgerm Oil is a powerhouse of Vitamins A, B, D and E which reduce the hair’s dryness and make it softer and shiny. It also targets dandruff and is free of SLS and parabens. So this beard oil is a definite choice for a healthier and glossy beard!

Oil your way to a softer and thicker beard you can be proud of

We love this beard oil that is a 100% natural blend of Vitamin E based oils like Black seed, Almond, Argan and Jojoba which are all great hair conditioners that work on multiple levels. If you’re troubled by rough and unruly beard hair, then this is the perfect beard oil for you. With the power of 8 essential oils, this conditioning oil blend works on dry & brittle hair to make it soft and smooth with a natural shine; it also prevents hair loss and helps you maintain a thick growth, fills in the patchy areas and repairs damaged hair. And if that wasn’t enough it also works to reduce grey and comes with no side effects.

Renew your beard for a full thick mane

The unique formulation of beard oil uses naturally occurring ingredients like Hibiscus Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil and Amla to rejuvenate your hair follicles and improve hair growth. Hibiscus not only works to keep the hair healthy but also soothes the skin and has anti-dandruff properties. Amla nourishes hair from inside and out as well as reaches down to the roots to promote hair growth. Coconut works to increase blood circulation while sesame protects against hair loss. This oil has a dual benefit of being usable on scalp hair as well, so get ready for healthy and full growth.

Say goodbye to patchy and thin beards

Designed to be 100% natural and free of SLS and parabens, this Almond and Thyme infused beard oil provides your beard with nourishment, while promoting hair growth, and softening the hair bristles to make your beard more manageable and thick. This specially formulated blend of oils tackles a bunch of beard issues, from preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth, to nourishing dry and dull beard hair. Argan Oil also prevents frizz and split ends which is immensely helpful for men in humid climates. This beard oil combines multiple functions to improve the health and quality of your beard.

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