The Best Basketball Shoes To Take To Court With You

FP Studio June 19, 2020 16:15:43 IST
The Best Basketball Shoes To Take To Court With You

Feet Of Skill

Nothing says you mean business out on the basketball court quite like the Adidas Men's Ownthegame Leather Basketball Shoes. It’s a unique leather design that gives this pair of shoe the durability and versatility rarely seen in basketball shoes. The round toe design means these shoes will be a comfortable fit for feet of all shapes and sizes. Besides, with the lace up closure, finding the perfect fit will never be a challenge. With 90 days warranty, the Adidas Ownthegame Basketball Shoes are simply irresistible.

Jump For Glory

Here’s another pair of shoes to set fire to your game on the court. The Fila Men's Saborio Basketball Shoes comes with the durability and superior build we have come to expect from most Fila products. The leather design is comfortable and easy to maintain as well. A dry wipe should take care of any dirt accumulation. And that sense of ease extends to the court as well, giving players the supportive fit they crave when pushing their bodies to the limit. The lace up closure means the shoe will keep the wearer’s feet in place, even through the most stressful moments of the game.

Stay On The Bounce

Though the ZIGARO Beef Basketball Shoe may be slightly underrated, this swanky pair makes a big impression at first sight. With a vibrant outer design, it’s important to not forget that this pair also boasts of a number of features that make it especially comfortable and durable. The sole is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which promises consistent and perfect traction on all kinds of courts, whether they are wooden or concrete. The outer skin is made of PVC synthetic leather, making the Zigaro Beef Basketball Shoe the perfect blend of lightweight and durability. Buy this pair, to give your game the ideal boost.

Stand Tall On The Court

Nivia Phantom Basketball Shoes comes in all sizes with an attractive design. The outer material is of PU Synthetic Leather with Digital Printing. Available with a Phylon, Rubber and TPU Sank sole, the shoes should be rotated every alternate day allowing them to deodorize and retain their shapes. These shoes offer a lot of cushion on the heels that help you provide your legs with the protection it needs during a fast paced game of basketball.

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