The Best Baby Walkers that will help your child take their first step

FP Studio June 23, 2020 00:14:15 IST
The Best Baby Walkers that will help your child take their first step

Let baby’s first steps be relaxed and fun

This adorable hippo inspired baby walker is the best choice when you’re looking for something that will be comfortable for your baby. With a cushioned seat for max comfort, it also has a specially designed foot rest and adjustable height settings that allow you to adapt the walker as your little one grows. It’s also designed with a feeding section for ease of use. The 8 wheels with 360 degree rotation along with the removable push handle lets you guide the walker in multiple directions with ease. Made with premium quality and durable materials, this sturdy baby walker also comes with removable electronic toys and musical features so that your baby can have a fun time.

Stress-free baby walker to ensure baby’s protection

This bright and colorful baby walker comes with a very attractive price tag and can be stored simply as it can be effortlessly compacted with one step. Parents need not worry about cleanliness as the soft cushion seat and backrest are removable and washable. It also comes with an adjustable height setting with safety locks and a stopper that will ensure the walker is stationary when it moves across a sliding surface or steps. Babies will also love the multifunction music tray with musical rhymes and the movable butterfly toys on both sides are very engaging to keep your baby entertained for hours.

Simple but functional baby walker

This cute Panda red baby walker is one of the lighter weighing ones on our list. This is a definite plus when it comes to having to lug it around or when storing it. Your little ones will also find it easier when they have to move around in it. We also found that the wide frame provides your child with more balance and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Kids will adore the panda toys and rattles, musical lights and a foldable play tray. Designed with 8 wheels that easily help your kid move in a number of directions, this baby walker is sure to entertain your kid for hours on end.

Dual winner in looks and functions

When it comes to the cutest design mixed with great function, we found that this was the perfect option for parents to go with. With a cartoon patterned seat, fun shaped baby rattles, electronic musical buttons and loads of colorful stickers, it makes for one attractive activity center for babies to enjoy. Your baby’s comfort is also prioritized as you can adjust the height levels in 3 positions and enable the safety lock. With a wide frame and rotational wheels, your baby will be safe in this baby walker. The other features we liked were the comfortable washable seat with extra padding and back rest, easy to grip push bar and that it can be easily folded and stored.

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