Tea-time treats! Our pick of the most popular biscuits in the market

FP Studio June 11, 2020 01:44:23 IST
Tea-time treats! Our pick of the most popular biscuits in the market

The original tea-time biscuit choice

We can’t start of our list of popular biscuits without mentioning the classic biscuit break selection. Since its introduction in 1939 and ever since, packets of Parle- G have been filling the bellies of adults and kids. Best had with a glass of milk or tea, this biscuit is the perfect dunking companion. Without changing its consistency and taste it has continued to be the biscuit that’s always found in your pantry. Filled with the nourishment of glucose and wheat, this is the healthiest and time saving breakfast substitute and that too at a completely affordable price.

The classic chocolate tea-time snack

Second on our list is the quintessential Bourbon biscuit from Britannia, which is another biscuit staple that can be found in any kitchen cupboard. This is the perfect pick for when you want something a little sweet to snack on. With a creamy chocolate center that’s sandwiched between two chocolaty crisp biscuits, this rich biscuit is also an excellent choice for dunking. Topped with sugar crystals that add an interesting and undeniable crunch, this delightful combination of elements is enjoyed by people of all ages. This is also one of the most popular tea-time biscuit companions that will never fail to satisfy our sweet cravings.

Snack away at tea-time with this guilt free biscuit

For those who are looking for a delicious yet healthy biscuit option, then have we got you covered. Loaded with nuts and dried fruit, this crumbly and crunchy cookie biscuit is perfect when paired with a hot mug of tea, coffee or a chilled glass of milk. This unique combination of almonds, black currents, cashews, cranberries and papaya are a delightful addition to our biscuit tin. We also love to snack on this during the day to satisfy our munchies. Relatively new to the biscuit market, this has gained in popularity though as it offers a different flavor profile to the original tea time accompaniments.

Irresistible chocolate indulgence

Some days we all have a craving for something delectable and dessert-like to munch on and this offering from Sunfeast is the closet that comes to tasting as delicious as cake. With a decadent velvety chocolate center that’s enclosed in a buttery and crumbly cookie crust, these choco fills make for a wonderful dessert snack alternative. We always like to store a pack in our cupboard for a quick bite during the week to give us quick chocolatey pick me up. With each biscuit being individually packed you can always pop a few in to your bag for an easy travel treat too. Each bite of this cookie perfection makes us really savor our snack time!

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