Tastiest instant drink mixes

FP Studio November 11, 2020 13:44:41 IST
Tastiest instant drink mixes

A refreshing dose of Vitamin C

Packed with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, this easy to make refreshment is all that you need on a hot sunny day. Simply add one tablespoon of the pre-mix in regular or cold water, add some ice if you've like, give it a good stir and voila, your summer drink is ready! It is best served chilled and helps meet your daily vitamin C intake. Infused with tea extracts, this tangy lemon drink is perfect for anyone looking for a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks.

Worth the hype

Whether birthdays, anniversaries or family gatherings - this instant mix has made it to almost every occasion and deserves every bit of its popularity. An excellent source of vitamins A, B, C, and Iron, every sip of its refreshing orange flavor is not just a hit among the children but adults too. A pouch of this instant mix can be stored in an air-tight container for up to 12-18 months of use. Pick this one up to make a full pitcher of crowd-pleasing beverage that doesn’t cost much.

Great on-the-go immunity booster

Convincing a child to just about eat or drink anything is a task on its own, especially a cup of milk, it just doesn't get easy. A blend made with natural ingredients like badam and Kesar, here's a drink your kids will love. Take a nice big scoop, mix it well in milk and relish every sip with bits of crunchy almonds and flavourful saffron. A rich source of immunity building nutrients, this instant mix is an excellent option for any parent looking to ensure that the energy levels of your child are always high.

Stay Healthy, Stay Energised

Rich in antioxidants, this instant mix is made using green coffee beans known to build immunity. It also regulates metabolism that aids in weight management. An easy and effective way to relish this is by making a cup half an hour before retiring to bed to wake up to a morning filled with refreshed energy. Recommended to anyone that is ready to make a healthy switch.

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