Super healthy alternatives for Milk

FP Studio December 14, 2020 13:17:53 IST
Super healthy alternatives for Milk

Soy Milk Powder
This is purely vegan soy milk powder which is made from soy beans with no additives. The soy milk powder from HYE is trans-fat free and cholesterol free. Being fat free this can be appropriate for all the calorie conscious reader. This soya milk powder is a plant based alternative for cow’s milk which gives as much protein as the cow’s milk. This is good for preventing heart diseases since it reduces blood lipid level. This is rich in fibre and low in calorie which makes it good for the metabolism and so eventually helps in weight loss. It is a great source of plant protein and contains 49% protein. Soy milk powder is low in saturated fats as well.

Turmeric latte instant mix
This herbal hills turmeric latte is 100% natural and nourishing. It is aiming to benefit both people and environment. The golden milk with naturally high vibrational spices that are healthy for the body, mind and spirit. Turmeric latte is a delightful blend of turmeric powder and goodness of spices such as cinnamon, ginger, black pepper that are known to support the general health and to relieve a common cough and cold. It is an instant mix of haldi & other spices to improve immunity. You need to add one tsp (3gms) of turmeric latte powder to hot milk and stir well. You can also add honey or any sweetener of your choice if desired and then enjoy this hot drink. It may support skin care in a natural way.

Almond Milk
The Raw Pressery Almond Milk is non-dairy is 100 percent lactose-free since it is completely plant-based, suitable for vegans and others who avoid dairy products. This is a powerhouse of vitamin e and d which is excellent for your skin and bones respectively. You can drink almond milk on its own or even add to cereals, coffee/tea and use in a variety of recipes for cooking and baking. This almond milk is available in 3 variants namely, cacao, coffee and plain (unsweetened). Almond milk contains high amounts of healthy fatty acids that can help in the prevention of high blood pressure and the promotion of heart health.

Unsweetened Almond Milk
Urban platter brings unsweetened almond milk which contains premium almonds from California and mountain spring water from the Himalayas. You will find yourself blown away by the creamy goodness. Now you can make the switch to dairy-free deliciousness you never thought would be possible. Every serving pours on 40% more calcium than dairy milk. It is infused with plant-based which is super healthy. It is an easy alternative for milk. Almond milk is naturally high in protein, low in fat and packed with vitamins and minerals. It is a lactose free choice. It is a very good choice if you want to start your journey with veganism.

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