Stylish zipper wallets for your wardrobe

FP Studio June 18, 2020 19:17:24 IST
Stylish zipper wallets for your wardrobe

Stylish wallet that serves the purpose

This elite designed wallet can even accommodate a smart mobile phone of a regular sized screen. Made out of high grade PU leather material, the purse has several card holder and photo holder slots. The unique zipper system ensures utmost safety and security. This super cool purse can be used by people of any gender because of its unisex appeal.

Handmade superior design

There are many scamsters today who go by carrying RFID scanners, which can use radio frequency waves to scan your card data. This zipper purse comes with a RFID blocker technology that will keep your money in the bank safe. The wallet has been handcrafted with high quality leather. There are also metal fittings double stitched in the purse. The exquisite look and design of the product makes it suitable for a gift item too. Since safety is your priority, why not go for this wallet that will keep you safe from scamsters with its RFID scanners.

Continued service for years to come

Made with full grain leather, this wallet is one of the most durable ones you can find. This minimalistic wallet has a stylish and a unique C-CLIP which holds 4 to 5 cards. There is also one slot for keeping cards or other papers and another transparent window for keeping ID cards or driving licences. There is an additional compartment for keeping currency notes and also has a secured zipper coin pocket. This utility machine can also block RFID scanners and are fit to suit both men and women. Want to organize your cash and cards? Fit the world into your pocket with this compact and stylish wallet with multiple slots.

Very effective and best in functionality

A great item for personal use or gifting purpose, the zipper bag comes with eight bank card holding slots, two photo ID slots, one large compartment for keeping the cash, and another one for coins. The zipper is aided with a snap closing system to keep your essentials secured. The stylish product is made out of pure leather with high class finish. Strong stitches ensure long worriless usage. The sleek uber cool exterior makes it an ideal gift item. Now store anything close and important in this wallet made from top quality leather.

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