Stylish yoga wear you’ll want to buy right now.

FP Studio March 23, 2020 23:18:39 IST
Stylish yoga wear you’ll want to buy right now.

Eazy Trendz Exclusive Women’s Jogger Gym Yoga Sports & Fitness Casual Side Striped Ankle Length Leggings Tights with Stretchable Thick Spandex Rib Cotton Fabricating
The Eazy Trendz Exclusive Women’s Jogger is great for an intense workout or a trek up a hill. If you find yourself needing a versatile piece of clothing that wicks sweat without expanding or stretching, this is it. This pack of two is made of a thick poly cotton with spandex rib. Choose from the two-stripe or three-stripe design and enjoy the smooth, itch-free fabric. Suitable for fitness, gym, yoga and all other kinds of workouts this pair of pants keeps you feeling relaxed and helps to keep your tummy tucked. Super soft and snug, these pants have a way of smoothing out your silhouette and giving you years of use.

SKUDGEAR Advanced Headband for Men and Women - Yoga, Sport and Running

There are certain attributes every good workout headband has. They need to be snug enough to last through a long session of hot yoga without giving you a headache. They need to be cute enough to match your other outfits and they need to be sturdy enough to survive a trip through your Washing machine . The SKUDGEAR Advanced Headband manages to effectively achieve the entire trifecta. Made of 87% Chinlon and 13% Lycra spandex it is super soft, absorbent and moisture wicking and reversible. Flip it over to create your own styles or even use it as a neck warmer or scarf during the cooler months.

Two Dots Front Zipper Padded Sports Bra for Gym, Yoga, Dancing, Workout or Aerobic
Flattering, comfortable, and moisture-wicking for the sweatiest yoga class - that’s everything you need from a great workout bra. Built with removable pads, this Two Dots Front Zipper Padded Sports Bra offers superb comfort and ranges from sizes 32A to 40B. This premium quality bra made of 11% Spandex and 89% Nylon will keep you focussed and supported throughout your workout anywhere. Combining attention to detail and convenient functionality this high-impact bra stays in place, gives you a flattering fit, and offers good coverage without being bulky. Stylish and modern, this is the option you need when you want to make the most of your workouts.

Balenzia Women's Anti Bacterial Yoga Socks with Anti-Skid
Sliding around while trying to do a tough pose is the worst. Rather than focusing on your breath, feeling the stretch, and connecting with yourself, you end up focusing on keeping your feet from slipping, and feeling more stressed out. Balenzia brings you the best in women's yoga socks with this anti-bacterial and slip resistant pair. Put these on and step into your yoga practice with a renewed sense of mental, emotional, and physical balance through the movements. Balenzia yoga socks will help you stay put on in spite of a sweaty mat and glide through transitions to settle into a deeper more calm practice.

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