Stylish sunglasses to protect your eyes

FP Studio January 28, 2021 11:02:31 IST
Stylish sunglasses to protect your eyes

For the classic look

This one is a classic must-have. Inspired by the iconic original Wayfarer, this one is the updated version of the modern take on a timeless classic. What's different? It has a smaller frame and softer eye shape to enhance the overall look. Square shaped, steady nylon construction with a black polished finish, its glass green lens absorbs 85% of visible light by blocking out most of the blue light. The lenses prevent and filter out 100 % of UVA and UVB light making this one suitable to block out harsh sun-rays. Perfect for anyone who wants style and eye-protection.

For the timeless 1950s look

If you are a big Audrey Hepburn fan and remember her iconic looks holding and wearing cat-eye glasses then this one is for. A classic cat-eye shape black sunglasses, this one definitely scores a 100 on-trend. The cat-eye. It is non-polarized which means it treats all sunlight equally and reduces the overall intensity. Medium in size, with a thick plastic frame, you also have an option to pick colours in the same. Suitable for women, these sunglasses are a great investment for trend and UV Protection.

For the retro fans

Retro fans will love this one. This pair of sunglasses is a throwback to the era that embraces rounded cat-eye frames with glittery gold earpieces. It screams retro and at the same time classic and decorous. The sleek temples with shimmery design on it give you a chic and timeless appearance. Be it an outdoor event or a casual gathering with friends and family, this pair of powered polarized sunglasses will enhance your looks and get you the compliments you are looking for. Pick this up for its unique colour and perfect fit.

For both men and women

Square shaped with a steady nylon construction, this pair of sunglasses as an elegant black polished finish. Its classic glass green lens provides remarkable colour contrast that ensures maximum clarity without overexerting your eyes. The lens also absorbs 85% of visible light by blocking out most of the blue light. More importantly, it also prevents and filters out 100 % of UVA and UVB light. Perfect for both men and women, pick this classic and timeless choice for its versatility and protective lens.

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