Stylish stoles for women

FP Studio October 16, 2020 11:15:36 IST
Stylish stoles for women

Beautiful threadwork

This is a lightweight, super soft and comfortable stole. Yet it can provide real warmth on any day. It is a long scarf with 3-inch hand knotted tassels at each ends. The stole is thoughtfully designed using viscose fabric to keep it soft, silky, breathable and stylish at the same time. The fabric does not shrink and drapes well. You’ll fall in love with the design and motifs of the stole. The attractive kaju buty design will surely seize the gaze of all around you. The stole is a beautiful outcome of masterly and diligent thread work by the skilled artisans. The fine knitting enhances the elegance of this stole. Get this one if you want the softest of material.

Comes in a free size

This stole is composed of wool blended yarn that weighs less and provides warmth. The kani pattern of this stole with floral design gives it a rich look. This stole is of free size. So you will not have to worry about size, which makes it ideal for gifting. It has a width of 30 inches and length of 80 inches. It has a very smooth and light with beautiful threadwork all over the shawl. For those who want to combine a stole with office wear, this should be a great addition.

As smooth as it gets

This is a jacquard stole design with hand knotted fringe tassels on each end. It has a soft and lightweight feel and perfect for travelling. It is made of 100% viscose material which feels soft and silky. You can wear it as a scarf wrapped around your neck or drape it over your shoulder like a shawl. You can also spread it over legs and keep feet warm highlighting its multiple-utility. It can be used for both casual or formal wear and makes a great gift item as well. It is a super delicate and high quality shawl, it gives you warmth every time you wear it. An ideal companion for a formal event.

Multi-colour plaid

It is made of the best quality wool from processing in top grade spinning yarns. The material feels soft on the skin and will last you for many years. It is available in three colours: black, grey and orange. acturers commitment that it will not fade. The colours will not fade away even after prolonged use. The stole can be used as conditioning shawls or scarves for dual-purpose. The stole comes with multi-colour plaid modelling making it a very attractive pick. The stole is trendy and fashionable and great for women of all ages. It is made of Cashmere-like acrylic. Be it work, casual wear or party wear, this piece works well everywhere.

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