Stylish shoes for men who love to run

FP Studio July 30, 2020 12:00:36 IST
Stylish shoes for men who love to run

Form meets fit and function

If you’re looking to do a lot of fast-paced walking around town or while on holiday, you’ll need a pair that offers a spongy sole and plenty of breath-ability. Well built and with excellent cushioning, these reliable trainers look smart enough to wear out to dinner or walk around sightseeing. These sneakers are good enough for some light trekking and won’t leave your feet feeling bruised and sore. In short, for anyone who needs a lightweight companion with excellent shock absorption, check out these awesome options.

Best essential trainers

For casual, under-an-hour runs or walking through bazaars and bylanes, this one is the perfect lace-up and go pair. These Sparx trainers have a supportive-yet-breathable upper and a well-cushioned insole that makes for some reasonably comfortable strides in all kinds of heat and humidity. We can’t rave enough about the true-to-size fit that ensures your feet are firmly planted in every step. For someone seeking a versatile workhorse at a fantastic price, this is it.

Top-notch cushioning and flexibility

If your favorite pair of running shoes are falling apart and you’re on the lookout for a new pair, you’ve come to the correct list. These Reebok flight shadow running shoes are an excellent choice. We were instantly impressed with their true-to-size fit, seamless finishing, and lightweight design. Early morning jogs became much more comfortable, and the plush soles work hard to protect your feet. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect all-rounder at a high price, this is the pair you need right now.

Convenient to slip on and off

Laces can be bothersome, time-consuming, and frankly overrated when you’re in a rush. Enter this fashionable pair by Puma, which is the ultimate fuss-free pair of walking shoes. With a generous round toe style and great fit, the cushioning is enough to make it your favorite daily use pair. Walking up stairs or strolling in your park or on your promenade will feel like the most natural thing in the world with this pair on your feet.

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