Stylish planters that will uplift your home decor

FP Studio November 26, 2020 20:55:12 IST
Stylish planters that will uplift your home decor

Animal themed planter
A high temperature fired ceramic material made planter that is animal themed design. It is a piece of utmost precision with machine made and glazed with special clay that ensures the durability and long lastivity of the product. This planter comes with a drainage hole at its bottom that allows excessive water to flow away. If you are looking for a planter especially for succulents, Garden Basket Baby Pig Animal Design Cartoon Thyme Unique & Trendy Succulent Imported Resin/polyresin Pots is the best buy for you.

Extremely elegant and beautiful
A wall mount hanging wooden glass planter that is a long lasting decoration set. The wall mount is made of MDF brown wood with a light glossy finish and two glass vases hanging from it by ribbon. It contains a beautiful peony bunch of flowers in high quality silk material in both of the vases. If you are looking for a wall mount planter that will also serve as a decor piece, TIED RIBBONS Wood Wall Shelf with Flower Vase and Artificial Flowers is the one for you.

High weight bearing capacity
A high rise plant holder made of high quality metal and alloy plating on the surface making it durable and sturdy built. It has a round design with three strong feets to make it a high rise and give an excellent stability to it. The oxide coating along with black oil paint colour double coats ensures weather resistant finish thus making this product perfect for outdoor use. Rise Round Iron Matka Stand Plant Pot Stand comes in a pack of two with size of 7inches x 7 inches x 7 inches and a high weight bearing capacity of 20kgs maximum.

Three layer in glass bowl
A three layered bamboo plant that is said to bring in luck, long life and wealth along with spreading positive energy in the place it is kept. It comes in a glass pot and you are advised to change the water in the pot twice every week, use distilled or RO water and keep it indoors completely, away from direct sunlight. Abana Homes Bamboo Plant Indoor with Pot makes an excellent gift for housewarming parties.

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