Stylish keychains that are light on the wallet

FP Studio November 23, 2020 14:26:46 IST
Stylish keychains that are light on the wallet

Genuine Leather

There’s something about leather that brings out style. If you are someone with an old-school bent of mind, this keychain is perfect for you. It is soft and velvety to the touch. The stitching on this keychain is very durable ensuring that it won’t come apart after regular use. High quality imported antique fittings have been used in this keychain that give it a stylish look. The Hide and Skins Keychain is also very comfortable and you hardly feel it when it’s in your pocket. You can even hang it from the belt loop of your pants. It’s a very good gift item as well.

Keychain + Tool Kit

How often have you felt the need of a screwdriver or a toolkit but didn’t have access to one? With this Exciting Lives Military Keychain Mini Toolkit with LED Torch, you’ll feel the lack of a toolkit when you are outside. You literally carry one in your pocket. It contains a smart and useful little kit that has a variety of tools: A torch, a Minus Star Screwdriver, a knife, a bottle opener for those spontaneous celebrations and an LED Torch in case you need multiple sources of light. It comes with a high-quality plain black finish.

Metal Chic

The DOCOSS- Pack of 2-is an antique set of metal keychains that is made of zinc alloy. It is made out of durable anti-scratch and anti-rust material. Each pack comes in two colours: Black and maroon that make it easy to distinguish from each other. This keychain is unisex and can be used by both men and women. The keychain has a detachable valet key chain which makes it easy for you to organize your car, home and office keys. It also reduces the chances of your keys getting lost. The DOCOSS keychains look stylish and adds a lot of elegance to your sense of your style. It’s perfect for stylish couples.

Number Plate Keychain

The Binfas Customized Number Plate Keychain for Car & Bike is the perfect gift for people who park their vehicles in crowded spaces or keep lending their vehicles to friends. It’s a great gift for your college going children. If you are constantly on the move and keep forgetting where you have parked your vehicle, this keychain will help you out. It has a gelly finish and is fully customizable: You can fix numbers, photo, text, logo,etc. You can organize all kinds of two and four wheeler keys on this chain. A nice corporate gift too!

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