Stylish cases for spectacles

FP Studio December 22, 2020 14:54:06 IST
Stylish cases for spectacles

Blended cotton pouch

The Something Different cases and cover pouch for sunglasses and goggles is also available in the following ten trendy colour variants – navy blue-grey, beige, black, cyan, golden yellow, green-pink, grey-pink, grey-red, light green yellow, maroon-black, pink-purple and sky blue. It comes with a magnetic strap closure system that helps to keep your eyewear safe. It has a well cushioned and smooth lining that ensures your glasses stay protected from scratches. It is made up of blended cotton fabric which requires a simple handwash from time to time.

Printed hard case

The Chumbak Island Mackaws eyeglasses case is made up of dacron and acrylic fibre that is hand crafted by the best artisans of the country and it has a very unique look for the very same reason. The dimensions of the spectacle case are – 6.2 x 2.6 x 1.6 inches. In order to keep it clean, all you need to do is wipe it with a dry or damp cloth – that’s it. This smart looking hard case will definitely keep your glasses protected at all times, from every unforeseen damage!

Folding case

The ShopNGift premium PU folding unicorn flamingo spectacles case comes in the shape of a portable triangle eyewear protection kit. It is extremely sleek to look at and hold, allowing you to store your spectacles safely in your bag. Also, its unique shape ensures that you are able to store the case properly in your bag and it is able to fit in, without you having to make any unnecessary adjustments. Also, the soft interiors ensure that your specs remain free from scratches always!

Square checks print

The 5elementz unisex square checks printed hard sunglasses cover comes in a unique shape and can easily fit into your bag without much hassle. It has felt on the insides which ensures that your spectacles remain safe and protected, even if the box is manhandled. The box looks quite attractive and stylish and you can store spectacles or sunglasses in it. Since it is made of hard material, be rest assured that there is no chance of it getting damaged anytime soon, ensuring durability and comfort as well as style – all in one!

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