Style and safety with these unisex helmets

FP Studio November 20, 2020 16:07:23 IST
Style and safety with these unisex helmets

Stylish Look
This helmet will not fail to give you a sporty yet comfortable look. The body of the helmet is jet black in color with a glossy finish. It has an open face design that helps the helmet to stick closer to your skull. Benz Power Scooty Helmet has a very versatile look, made of ABS shell and features a comfortable steel chin strap. It is durable and the color doesn’t fade off easily. This helmet is also scratchproof and is available in many sizes. Great for people who want a sporty look.

Strong Material
This helmet will look great with most scooties and bikes. It is made of sturdy polycarbonate shell and quick release strap buckle which is flexible for both men and women, it offers safety with comfort. It has an open frame with a standard clear shield which makes it easier for you to watch out for vehicles on the sides. The looks of this helmet are a cherry on the top. Sage Square Scooty Helmet will take you back to the retro times and it is available in many attractive colors. The interior of the helmet is also extremely comfortable.

Withstands Heavy Impact
For someone who loves to stand out in a crowd, this helmet is definitely for you. It is made of a highly durable polycarbonate material that can withstand heavy impact. It is also very comfortable from the inside the polypropylene foam liner which helps in reducing impact in case of an injury. Autofy Habsolite Helmet has a trendy design with white colored body and a star printed on it. It has an open frame for full frontal view and it is very light weight so you can enjoy your ride. The helmet also features side vents to maintain air circulation.

Versatile Helmet
This helmet is so dashing that it can speak for itself. It has a very cool jet black color and has an overall leather finish. It has a streamlined shape which fits your head easily and provides comfort. It is made of tough ABS material shell that can sustain heavy impact. The visor also has a smooth fitting and is UV and scratch resistant. The helmet provides optimum ventilation to the rider. Vega CRX Helmet has features that are great for everyday wear as well as long distance riding.

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