Sturdy home exercise cycles

FP Studio December 29, 2020 16:08:31 IST
Sturdy home exercise cycles

Multifunction Exercise Bike
Kamachi brings OB-328 Orbitrek Multifunction Exercise Bike with Dual Action Handles. Kamachi bike comes with LCD display windows which display speed, time, distance, and calorie. The bike features a sturdy wheel which is durable and can withstand tension to support your high-intensity workout. The seat of the bike comes with cushioning and can be adjusted as per your convenience, making your workout session more comfortable. The bike is designed to offer a full-body workout to the user. It helps work on arms, legs, abdomen, and buttocks, which makes it great for everyone - young or old, health-conscious to elite. The bike is made of high-quality material, which makes it reliable and durable to be used for years.

Ergonomic design
Sparnod brings Fitness SAB-03 Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home Gym. This exercise bike has 3 kg flywheel and its design allows air to act as resistance to provide effective workout at home. It has a digital meter which tracks time, speed, distance and calories. Scan mode continuously toggles time, speed, distance and calories reading for easy monitoring of all metrics while working out. The seat of this gym cycle is comfortable and its height can be adjusted. The backrest provides support to the back while working out. The foot pedals have locks to avoid slipping of the foot. This stationary bike has an anti-slip wide base for better stability. This exercise cycle occupies minimum space and weighs less than 20 kg. It is ideal cardio exercise equipment for home gym

Perfect fitness bike
Evoke Ojas brings 90 Blend Exercise Cycle with Stationary Handles. It is a perfect fitness bike for home gym. The belt requires minimum maintenance, improves pedaling technique, permits less momentum-based recovery, makes the rider work efficiently and operates quietly. It has an adjustable tension knob that allows for variable resistance levels to accommodate any workout level, from beginner to advanced intensities. Evoke fitness Bike features a vertically adjustable seat that accommodates various heights and provides proper body posture during exercise. The pedal cranks are positioned close together to offer a more realistic cycling experience. The pedal with strap provides extra stability during high intensity workout.

Realistic simulation

Body Gym brings Air Bike Platinum DX Exercise Cycle With Back & Twister. The pedal cranks are positioned close together to offer a more realistic cycling experience. THe straps on the pedals provide extra stability during high intensity workout. It has a monitor display. On the monitor display we can see scan, time, speed, distance and calories. It is a durable product. Body Gym Air Bike Platinum DX Exercise Cycle With Back & Twister Body Gym is one of established names in the sports gear industry. They deal in sport & fitness equipment, gymnastics, fitness, racquets, hats and a variety of other sports equipment.

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