Sturdy biodegradable dog waste bags to pick up after your pet

FP Studio December 14, 2020 20:17:59 IST
Sturdy biodegradable dog waste bags to pick up after your pet

Degrades fast

These bags are made from recycled materials. Our pet waste bags are made out of a resin derived from plants, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers. These bags are large enough to protect your hands and wrists from touching the dog waste. They are thick enough to not let you feel what you're picking up too closely-but they're also thin enough to be easy to open and separate from the roll. A large amount of bags ensures that you'll have a bag on hand to care for messes, at all times. These bags are just what environmentally friendly bags ought to be

Can be carried around easily

Made out of cornstarch, these bags decompose very fast. You can even use these bags in your compost bin as they are perfectly compostable. They come in a neat cardboard box for easy usage. So absolutely everything, including the box, is environment friendly. These bags are small and compact making them very handy to carry around during your pup’s playtime. They are certified Indian certified IS/ISO 17088. Comfortable to use, easy to open and quick to discard, these bags are the dream for dogs and environment lovers alike.

No more ‘smelly cat’

If you absolutely hate picking the stinky waste of your pet these bags are perfect for you. They come in a bundle of 45. They are big enough for large poo of your gentle giants. Not only for dogs but you can also use those bags for your cat litter. You can dispose of clumps from your kitty’s litter box as well. A scented bag means it will not trigger your pet’s allergies or sensitive noses. These scented bags are great for you as well as for your little furry friends.

Opaque bags to hide the visuals

Thin, strong, and bio-degradable. These bags are ultra environment friendly. They come in 6 rolls of garbage bags, each roll containing 50 bags. They not only cover the stink of the waste but also hide the sight. Catching a whiff of your pup’s efforts is unpleasant enough, you shouldn’t have to look at it as well. The plastic is also thick enough for you to feel like you have adequate protection between your skin and the unholy, but it’s still thin and flexible enough to make knotting the bag shut relatively easy. All the better to get you on your way after you nod ‘Hello’ to your glaring neighbor.

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