Stunning motorcycle helmets for a good ride

FP Studio November 21, 2020 12:14:05 IST
Stunning motorcycle helmets for a good ride

Withstands Heavy Impact
This stylish helmet is made of a sturdy polycarbonate outer material that can withstand heavy impact and keep your head safe. Autofy O2 Helmet has a full close design and a stunning black color with glossy finish. It also has a polypropylene EPS inner lining that gives you comfort and also provides safety cushioning to your skull and adjacent areas. The visor is scratch resistant and can be adjusted according to the preference of the rider. It has a quick release buckle lock on the chin and it is also very light weight.Good for highway riding.

Attractive Colours
This helmet is great if you want to match it with your bike’s color. The helmet is made of tough material and it is available in different radiant colors, giving it an overall dashing look. The helmet fits very comfortably, doesn’t slip easily in case of a fall and protects your head when you go out on adventurous bike rides. Its body is light-weight and the surface is scratch resistant. Virgo Airzed Helmet has soft foam on the inner side and it has a scratch resistant visor too.

Simple Design
This is a perfect helmet for someone who loves keeping things simple. The overall look of the helmet is extremely classy with matte black finish. It is made of polycarbonate sturdy outer material that can withstand pressure and a polypropylene EPS foam inner lining to reduce the impact on your skull. The visor is made of fiber glass which is scratch less, giving you a crystal clear picture. O2 Max DLX Helmets also have side vents to maintain air circulation. The helmet is also value for money.

Optimum Comfort
This helmet is all you need to complete your sporty biker look. It is made of strong ABS outer shell and EPS padding lined with specially treated anti allergic velveteen to keep you safe and sound. The helmet may feel tight at first for safety purpose but later the foam adjusts itself to your head. SteelBird Adonis Helmet has stunning graphics on it and will give you the three-in-one safety, style and comfort. It also has dynamic ventilation system to increase air flow and a quickly operable chin strap.

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