Stainless steel dinner sets for large number of guests

FP Studio November 25, 2020 13:28:27 IST
Stainless steel dinner sets for large number of guests

Elegant look

A golden colored floral pattern in the center of the plate with copper finishing at the base of the bowl gives this set a bright look. The floral pattern is also present at the edge of spoons, standing out from other ordinary spoons available. The stainless steel set includes components like full 6 buffet plates, six quarter buffet plates, six halwa plates, one large rice plate for enjoying the meals, three serving handi bowl with lid for storage, six big bowls, six glasses, one large jug with lid, twelve spoons with pattern, one big rice spoon and three serving spoon for serving the food easily. Great when you have to entertain a large number of guests.

Classy set

The demand for flat plates never goes out of style as it has a classy and simple finishing with shiny appearance. The high end feature in the flat plate makes sure to avoid spillage of food. Food-grade is also ensured with the use of stainless steel with polishing of mirror outlook. The aesthetic look of bowl and cups with curved finishing makes it more appealing. It has added sturdiness with steel material. The lids are snug fitting where it is completely closed avoiding air gap and also to prevent entry of insects/bacteria. It is also easy to lift and clean as it is light weight with high durability.

Laser design

It has 42 pieces of stainless steel dinner set with a designer tree logo on the center of plates, tumblers and bowls with a golden yellow finish. It is made up of 100% virgin Stainless steel coil with high level premium quality. As stainless steel is used it is free from rust and dry heating. As it has a flat surface it is dishwasher friendly with good quality food grade guarantee. Laser engraving is done with German technology for permanent edge. All the bowls, spoons and containers comes with variety of lengths. Dents and scratches are not an issue as it has a sturdy finish.

Silver dinner set

A bunch of flowers in the middle uplifts the look of this dinner set in a pretty way. The set consists of six full buffet plates with round shape, Six quarter buffet plates with round shape, six little halwa plates, one large rice plate for serving loaded meals, three serving handi bowl with covering lid to store food items and other eatables, six big bowls to display or to share food easily, six glasses for water or juice, one jug to store water, twelve large sized spoons, one large rice spoon and three serving spoon to make serving easier. The design is contemporary with a silvery touch.

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