Spice boxes to complete every kitchen

pallavi pahwa March 22, 2020 17:17:15 IST
Spice boxes to complete every kitchen

STAR WORK 1000 Gram Glass Jar with Airtight Gold Lid

Cut down on bulky mismatched boxes and keep your ingredients fresher for longer. Maintain the aesthetic of your kitchen with this container set that has a classic design and durable glass body. Perfect for coffee, canned fruit, pickle, honey, jam, food, peanut butter, pickled cucumbers and more, these bottles keep your dry powders and whole spices from accumulating mold, clumping and going stale. Available in a variety of sizes, these food grade jars are airtight and high quality with a capacity of 1000 gm each. So use them for whatever you want and marvel at the versatility of this product!

Gluman Masala Spice Container Set

Made with a high-quality plastic material that is 100% food grade and durable, these compact spice containers are perfect for small kitchens. Along with being dishwasher and freezer safe, the compact size means you can keep them on your counter for easy access or store them away. They hold-all tray makes cleaning them up an easy process and also helps keep your spices close to each other. You never have to worry about spillage any more. These 8 spice boxes have a 125 ml capacity and are also travel friendly. Take them with you for camping and barbecues to make your cooking delicious anywhere. This one is a steal!

Pure Source India Spice Jar

The Pure Source India Glass Jar Collection was created to add style and function to your kitchen with ease. The design is pretty much classic without any embellishments, and these storage jars have thick sidewalls for added durability and stability. Each jar features a wide mouth opening for ease of access and scooping, making them perfect for storing whole spices and powders. Also, the wide mouth makes sure you can clean the insides pretty easily as well. Every bottle has an airtight, gold lid that protects up to 50gms of food from the heat, cold and moisture. Start using this premium glass jar in your kitchen and get a premium-looking set that is rustproof and will last you for years to come. These are understated and do the job really well without any extra fuss around them.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Spice Jar

Airtight lids and tall well-designed, these spice bottles provide some unique benefits. The lid is easy to open when you need to, yet has a snug seal that ensures that the jar’s contents always stay fresh. Made from high-quality food-grade Polypropylene plastic, the transparent body helps you easily see the contents of each bottle. This saves you precious time especially when making complex dishes, as you can easily view the inside contents. The ribbed chequered pattern on the walls gives you an easy grip while the durable material makes cleaning up a breeze. Dishwasher safe, you will love using this set for storing all kinds of spices like cloves, cardamom, turmeric, mustard. We love this product as it understands all your needs and does exactly that, nothing more nothing less. And that works just best for us!

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