Space saving shoe organisers to declutter space

FP Studio December 30, 2020 23:50:15 IST
Space saving shoe organisers to declutter space

Rectangle shape
The Styleys Store shoe storage box organiser comes in the colour grey and is rectangular shaped. It is of non-woven material and can easily be folded and stored under the bed. It is ideal for slippers, chappals, shoes, sandals, heels, slippers as well as all other types of shoes. It is extremely easy to handle and organise. It is eco-friendly, anti-discoloration and protects your shoes from insects, mildew, moisture and dust. This would be an ideal addition to your home!

The Callas Store shoe storage organiser has 24 openings and comes in the colour white. It has an over the door mounting type design and if in case you’re unwilling to use it as a shoe organiser, you can also use it as a kitchen organiser. It is equipped with hooks and can easily store a host of other things too, such as, clothing accessories, small toys, scarves, gloves and the like. It is 19-inches in size, and is made of PVC non-woven fabric. It is tough and protects your shoes from dirt, bugs and moisture.

Durable rack
The Styleys Stores multipurpose portable and folding shoe rack comes in two colours – brown and grey. This shoe rack’s base is made of metal and has a walnut finish. It has non-woven fabric as well as PP plastic connectors which helps the rack to stand erect and also ensures that it stands the test of time. There is abundant storage space, and you can easily fit in upto 48 pairs of shoes in these 12 racks! It is dustproof and is also easy to assemble, thanks to its zipped covers, making it ideal for large homes with many members.

Heavy duty

The Amazon Brand’s Solimo shoe rack has four racks and is available in four colours – black, brown, maroon and navy blue. This shoe rack is made of plastic and weighs 10 kilograms. It is made of 100 GSM fabric and has corrosion resistant metal features along with high quality plastic components. Each rack can hold upto 10 kgs of shoes and its black outer cover is of premium quality along with zippers which help to keep out dust and moisture, keeping your shoes well protected in the long run.

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