Soil that will provide nutrition and goodness to your plants

FP Studio November 27, 2020 09:35:35 IST
Soil that will provide nutrition and goodness to your plants

Organic mix

Here is a good quality soil perfect for your home garden plants. This soil contains 11 essential nutrients required for optimum growth of your plants. It doesn’t have harmful or chemical substances and is made of organic stuff like Coco Peat, Coco Husk, Peat Moss, Charcoal Chips, Bio Compost, Neem Powder, etc. Ugaoo Pot-o-mix comes in a 3kg packet and provides right nutrition to your plants. It also has a re-wetting agent that retains water and maintains the pH level of the soil.

Promotes growth

This organic soil is already mixed with fertilizers so your plants are healthy and fresh. This premium soil comes in a 2kg pack and is void of any harmful or chemical substances. It contains an organic fertilizer to give your plants useful nutrients. The fertilizer contains coco peat, red soil and organic compost. Your plants all the macro and micro nutrients and microbes that they require for faster growth. VEDHAHI Organic Potting Soil for Plants promotes plant growth four times better. It is suitable for all kinds of plants, shrubs, vegetables, houseplants, indoor/outdoor flowers, etc.

Adds nutrition

Here is a Vermicompost soil that your plant needs for all round nutrition. This product is filed with nutrients that every plant can benefit from. It also features other qualities that normal fertilizers generally don’t offer. Spark India Vermicompost for Plants adds nourishment and increases the organic content of your soil. It also improves the air-circulation and water retention capacity in the soil, leading to better growth. Apart from nutrition and promoting plant growth, this Vermicompost enhances the quality of the soil.

Element proof

Here is a premium potting mix that is easy to use and suitable for your outdoor garden. This product comes in a large 10kg packet at a very reasonable rate. It is a 100% organic fertilizer that uses an easy application formula and had long lasting effects. MahaGro All Purpose Premium Potting Mix provides 43 essential nutrients to your plants and it also minimizes soil-borne diseases, pests and weed growth. With just one glass of water per week, it can promote plants growth up to 4 times better. It is also very light in weight and doesn’t produce a funny odor.

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