Soft toothbrushes for children under the age of 5

FP Studio November 25, 2020 14:50:14 IST
Soft toothbrushes for children under the age of 5

Suction cup at the bottom

This toothbrush is simple and apt for super clean teeth for your children. This toothbrush has a small head with ultra-soft bristles for ease and comfort while brushing. The superior bristles help to gently remove plaque and prevent tooth decay. It has a perfect texture that doesn’t hurt your gums. Aquawhite Junior Smiley Teeth Toothbrush comes in a pack of four and features a non-slip rubber handle. It has a simple design with a cute smiley design at the bottom. It also has a suction cup that holds the brush in an upright position.

Lightweight design

Here is a toothbrush which has an extremely cute design to make brushing time fun. This pack of four Dentoshine Sticky Toothbrush has a lightweight handle and has been designed so your kid can maintain good control while brushing. It comes in four different vibrant colors with a suction cup at the bottom. Along with easy usage, it has soft bristles that give you comfort as well as effective cleansing while brushing. It comes with a free hygiene cap for protection from germs in the air.

For slow teeth growth

This toothbrush is perfect for your child who has slow teeth growth and sensitive gums and teeth. This is a great option for you to teach your kid brush their teeth independently without harming themselves. It has a small size and a non-slip handle for better grip while brushing. If your kid starts to brush independently with this tooth brush, your child can enjoy a lifetime of healthy and strong teeth. Mee Mee Baby Toothbrush also has soft edges so kids don’t get hurt.

Attractive design

This is another baby brush that will attract your kid towards brushing time. This brush has a very cute panda and car design in a very attractive color that your kid is going to fall in love with, turning brush time into fun time. It features ultra-soft and extra height bristles which are perfect for optimum cleaning of small teeth. It has a rounded head and can reach better, offering a gentle cleanse. Colgate Toothbrush for kids is a popular choice among children and it comes in a buy-2-get-1 free pack.

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