Sip away safely with these top water purifiers

FP Studio February 12, 2021 09:29:38 IST
Sip away safely with these top water purifiers

Safer drinking water in minutes

This purifier passes water through six stages of purification using reverse osmosis and microfiltration to give you safe drinking water. We found that this purifier removes total dissolved solids from water and makes water safe to drink. The parts are manufactured from food-grade plastic preventing toxins from seeping into the water. It has a power-saving mode and advanced voltage fluctuation guard. It’s user-friendly and comes with a 5L water tank. Free installation is provided after 24 to 48 hrs of product receipt. Check out this purifier if you are looking for a safer and healthier way of life.

Ensuring that your family has pure drinking water

A filter that uses a seven-stage filtration system of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and mineral addition technology guarantees safer drinking water for all. This elegantly designed purifier is wall-mounted. Borewell, municipal, or tank water can be purified. The 9L water tank ensures that your family has sufficient drinking water. The copper guard technology impressed us, as it helps ensure hygiene levels are maintained. All parts use food-grade plastic with germ block technology. Eliminate your water concerns with this fantastic purifier by checking out our link.

Cleaner water with added minerals

Get a healthier family with this purifier that uses reverse osmosis, ultraviolet rays, ultrafiltration, and mineral-added technology to purify water in seven stages. It has a 12L storage tank that makes it convenient for large families or offices. The purifier removes sand particles, rust, chlorine, and organic chemicals in the water. Furthermore, lead, copper, mercury, and pesticides get removed from hard water. UV rays destroy bacteria that may be present in water. What impressed us was, this filter added necessary minerals back to clean water. If you are looking for a great economical filter, this is our pick.

Water that is safer and tastes better

This water filter purifies water in six stages and uses reverse osmosis, ultraviolet rays, and manually adjusts the TDS levels in the output water. It is best suited for areas having water shortages. It banishes fine particles, organic impurities, bacteria, and viruses from water. The mineral cartridge balances the water PH levels. A 7L storage tank ensures a continued supply of portable water. We found the TDS regulator effectively adjusts the taste of the water as per the source. Buy this Water purifier if you want something convenient, functional, and easily installable.

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