Shower faucets that look good and are extremely durable

FP Studio November 20, 2020 12:38:01 IST
Shower faucets that look good and are extremely durable

Multiple Functions

This overhead shower has superior quality functioning. It is made of strong ABS material has an attractive chrome color plating. Kohler Enlighten Overhead Shower features five different shower experiences. An intense rinse spray that delivers water forcefully and a massage spray to relieve muscle soreness. Along with this, it also has a full coverage spray and two combination sprays. You can switch between these modes with the convenience of a button tap. Great for people who take long showers.

Advanced Air Technology

This shower faucet will give you the best of all worlds. It is made of good quality stainless steel material with a stylish silver color. It provides a relaxing rain water flow so you get a pleasant shower experience. ALTON Overhead Showers feature an easy clean and anti-clogging silicone nozzle. Its advanced air control technology offers excellent performance with more water pressure and less wastage. This overhead shower has an ultra-thin sleek design which prevents any leakage and a mirror like technology that gives a reflective mirror like look. Suitable for people who like futuristic faucets.

Simple Look

Here is a simple, sleek and durable overhead shower faucet. Unlike other shower heads which are heavy, this is made of stainless steel grade 302 material that has a chrome finish. This faucet has a different non-glossy look and the material used is also light in weight. SBD Shower Head and Arm Combo is leak proof and offer a rain like stream. The product offers durability and it is also very cost-effective. This shower head will definitely suit in a contemporary or simple looking bathroom.

Sturdy Material

This shower faucet is made of stainless-steel material and has an over-head design. It is 8x8 inches in size and it has slim square shaped look. This faucet has stainless steel filter which prevents rusting and it also features easy to clean nozzles. Gesto Overhead Shower is ultra slim with swivel head technology. Instead of an arm, this shower head has a wall mounted design. It is perfect for people who want a simplistic look for their bathrooms.

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