Secure home safes you need right now

FP Studio November 19, 2020 11:37:30 IST
Secure home safes you need right now

Best all-rounded protection for small valuables

Backed with decades of research, these safes give you ten times the protection of a wooden wardrobe. Featuring a classy appearance, the neat curves and fine finish give it a premium look. While offering you the most control over access, this safe comes loaded with several layers of protection. Apart from the stability of a sturdy build and motorised shooting bolts, you get the security of a digital keypad that you can use to set your secret password. The efficient electronics boast a low power consumption, and with non-volatile memory, you won’t have to stress about password erasure even if the battery is low.
For a fantastic digital safe with a great design, you can’t go wrong buying this one.

Reliable, hassle-free protection

From a reputed safety device brand, this digital safe can give you peace of mind. This fantastic safe features 16mm anti-saw locking bolts and a robust steel body that can withstand forcible entry. A security feature we appreciate is the incorrect password alert function. On entering a wrong password more than four times, the system sounds an alarm and disables the keypad for three minutes. While installing this safe is an easy DIY project, you can fit it wherever you prefer thanks to the pre-drilled mounting holes on the safe’s back wall and base.
If you’re looking for a capable home safe from a reliable brand, your search ends here.

Best for wall mounting

Don’t be fooled by this digital safe’s small size as it offers ample space for storing documents, jewellery and other valuables. Made from reinforced steel, this secure digital safe also comes with a powder-coated matt finish which makes it corrosion resistant. This wall-mountable safe is very easy to use. To gain access to its contents, you can use the digital keypad to input your 3-8 digit customisable password or use included override keys. We appreciate that it comes with two pre-drilled holes and heavy-duty bolts that allow you to secure the safe to a wall effortlessly.
For a tough safe that you can fit almost anywhere in your home, choose this one.

For long-lasting protection

This safe features reprogrammable digital access, two door bolts, concealed hinges, and a pair of emergency override keys. Available at an incredibly low price, you’re sure to love this product. With this security safe, you get rugged reliability and long-lasting strength thanks to its solid steel construction. This safe comes with easy to follow assembly instructions so you won’t need to call in any external help to install it. A noteworthy feature is that you have the flexibility of adjusting the height of the shelf to suit your storage needs.
If you’re looking for a safe with an outstanding balance of affordability and function, look no further.

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