Sculpting tools for clay modelling

FP Studio November 26, 2020 20:09:56 IST
Sculpting tools for clay modelling

For intricate design
Dezinne mini modelling toolset have 10 double-headed tools that provide different tool shapes for cutting, engraving, engraving, smoothing and creating textures. The tool is very valuable for etching and indentation to help small objects. This tool is fantastic for creating a uniform pattern and the exact location of aids in small objects. Round ball heads eliminate hard-to-reach places while pointing out the details and precision of tool shapes. These tools are suitable for use with soft clay.

Sturdy Material
Kabeer Art ceramic tool comes in a set of 11 assorted pieces. It is made of stainless steel. Tips include a wide variety of shapes which are suitable for beginner level pottery and sculpting, create and build any shapes. The tools can be used on variety of textures and are effective to shape the clay. The tools have sharp edges which have to be used carefully. Since the material is sturdy, it will be long lasting and one-time investment option.

Child friendly
This set by Generic includes 11 tools made up of ceramic clay. It is a perfect gift set for your kids.
The set comes in colour black. This can be used for micro art as well. Smooth-acting, hand-cranked drill employs stout, twin metal gears, heavy-duty 1/4-inch chuck and comfortable wood knobs for long-term durability are few of the features of this set. It is reasonably priced and is for educational usage.

Asian Hobby Crafts Wooden Carving Modelling Tools is a high Quality 10 Pcs in a single pack. It is Double Headed and for Pottery Clay, Ceramic, Polymer and Paper Mache Sculpture. It can also be used for other modelling compounds. The length of the tool is 6 inches. It is one of the most reasonable options. It is light weight, easy to use and handle

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