Scooters for young children to ride indoors and outdoors

FP Studio December 22, 2020 11:58:22 IST
Scooters for young children to ride indoors and outdoors

Aluminium frame

The BayBee kids speed force scooter is a 3 wheel drive and is foldable, along with a height adjustment handle feature. It can hold upto 100 kgs and is suitable for kids ranging from 3 to 12 years. It is available in the colour red, as well as – blue, dark pink and black. It has a rear breaking style and the frame is made of aluminum. It is extremely easy to ride and has an intelligent turning and balance that ensures that your child doesn’t face any difficulty during riding it!

Ideal for Beginners

The Niyamat road runner scooter for young kids is a smart 3 wheel drive and has an adjustable handle. It can be folded and stored, making it portable as well. It comes in the colour blue, but there two other colours available too, which are - red and green. It has a comfortable foam grip handle and PU wheels which allows for a comfortable ride. This scooter would be ideal for beginners, thanks to its varied safety features which are in place. Since the bar handle is adjustable, you can use it for long as well!

Non-slip deck

The Fun Ride kids scooter has xblade 2 wheels and is suitable for both boys and girls. Other than black, it is available in – yellow, blue and orange. The frame is made of aluminium and has a rear braking style. This scooty is durable and easy to ride. It has a non-slip deck to prevent accidents from happening. This ride is comfortable and safe and has large wheels as well as heavy duty bearings to protect from unforseen falls. The T-handle is adjustable so, even if your child grows up, they can use it!

Adjustable Height

The Uwilla road runner scooter is ideal for children aged anywhere between 3 to 14 years and comes in the colour green. It has an adjustable height feature and is foldable. This scooter has LED PU wheels as well as a weight capacity of upto 75 kgs. It has a wide slip resistant deck and a comfortable foam grip on the handle. It is foldable in nature, so you can store it anywhere you’d like. The best bit is, when the child rides the scooter at a particular speed, the lights in it glow!

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