Say yes to fun with these foam blaster guns for kids

FP Studio March 04, 2021 17:50:46 IST
Say yes to fun with these foam blaster guns for kids

Amazing looks
Here is a super stylish foam blaster gun that your kid can show off in the neighborhood. It has an attractive orange color and comes in a big size that gives it a very dashing look. NERF Motorstryke Motorized Dart Blaster fires 10 darts fast and in continuation. These mega darts also make a whistling sound while shooting which give them a realistic feeling. Along with its big size, it also gives you great power that can overwhelm your competitor.

Strong material
Here is a foam blaster that both guys and girls are going to enjoy. It has a medium with an attractive multi colored look. This blaster gun is made of high quality ABS plastic material that makes it sturdy and unbreakable. There are 32 foam bullets available which are safe to be played with and are also available in two different shades. VikriDa Blaze Manual Gun Shooting Toy have bullets made of EVA foam that are environmentally friendly and can also be recycled.

Double barreled design
Now your whole family can join in for a fun and adventure filled shooting competition. This gun has a very interesting design with a double barreled structure that can shoot two bullets in one shoot. It guarantees you a win with its pump action shot that help you shoot a steady stream of bullets. It consists of 20 foam bullets that are made of soft foam material and won’t hurt anyone while playing. Along with fun, Toy Shine Dual Foam Blaster Gun will help develop concentration, hand-eye coordination and other abilities in your kid.

Easy to handle
Here is a foam blaster gun that will definitely take fun up a notch. The gun has an attractive blue color with some design that looks like a model gun from any sci-fi movie. Higadget Kids Blaze Gun can store five bullets and shoot them in a continuous fashion very easily. Along with easy usage, these bullets are made of a soft material so kids and adults can equally enjoy this action packed game. It uses a suction mechanism that gives these bullets a long shot range. It also doesn’t require batteries to use.

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