Say bye to germs with these 70% alcohol sanitisers

FP Studio September 17, 2020 09:48:41 IST
Say bye to germs with these 70% alcohol sanitisers

Natural cleansing and protection

Ideal for use around the home, office, or while you're out shopping, this sanitizer comes in an easy to use spray bottle. You won't have to worry about added chemicals as this hand sanitizer helps you to keep your hands clean with natural ingredients. Along with 70% alcohol, this product protects your skin with extracts of Neem, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon, and Tulsi that are known to have natural antibacterial properties. Your hands will feel soft and well cared for thanks to the moisturizing effects of Aloe Vera that helps prevent dryness from the alcohol.
This product is the perfect way to keep your hands germ-free naturally.

Germ protection for the whole family

This product is a great way to help you keep your family safe from illness-causing germs. For times when you can't rinse your hands, just a pea-sized amount of this gel-based sanitizer can help you kill 99.9% of bacteria often picked up from touching surfaces. From a brand known for its reliable and high-quality products, you can safely use this sanitizer on children too. While the mild floral fragrance is pleasing, this sanitizer also keeps children's delicate skin well protected.
For instant germ protection for all ages that's tough on germs but gentle on your hands, this product has our vote.

For long-lasting protection

This waterless hand sanitizer is the perfect travel companion to keep germs away when you're on the move. The gel rubs in well, and the alcohol evaporates quickly, leaving your hands feeling fresh and clean. Small enough to fit in your backpack or handbag, the convenient flip-top packaging helps you to dispense the gel easily and keeps you free from worrying about leakage or spills. With a gentle, refreshing aroma, the non-toxic formula keeps your hands well protected from germs and won't irritate your skin.
If you're looking for a convenient way to clean your hands when you're outside instantly, this product is for you.

The perfect blend of germ protection and moisturizing

Manufactured by a highly respected brand, this gel-based hand sanitizer helps you stay safe from germs' effects. With gentle ingredients, this product is safe for everyone in your household and leaves your hands feeling pampered and soft after use. As it contains 72% alcohol, you can also use this gel to sanitize small items like keychains or coins. You're sure to love this sanitizer's light citrus scent, which has a pleasing effect without being overpowering.
Give your family the gift of good health through excellent protection with this product.

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