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Throw Down The Challenge

Nivia is one of the top sports manufacturers in the country. It has become a household name in the last few years. The Nivia Handball Synthetic (Sub-Jr) is made up of extra soft and durable rubber material. This ball retains its shape and gives better controllability throughout the game. It’s optimal roundness and support will give players the confidence to push their skills to the limit and play their shots. Beyond its use during training and practice matches, the Nivia Handball is hand stitched with a 32-panel construction, which makes it durable enough and suitable for professional matches.

Shooting For The Win

Let your sports equipment reflect your inner pizzazz and flamboyance, like the Belco Sports Women's Aero 3Ply Synthetic Rubber 32 Panel Handball, has an eye catching design to go with its shapely and stable form. It’s great appearance is underpinned by a 3-ply synthetic rubber construction, which practically ensures this ball will survive any kind of surface or playing condition. The great material on the exterior is bound together through a 32 panel construction, designed to help the ball retain its optimum shape. Another factor that helps is the heavy bladder inside the ball, that will retain the air and keep the ball flying across the court for days.

First Hand Experiences

With the growing demand of healthy living, sports and fitness, many brands are coming up with innovations each day. The Cosco Women's Handball is one such product which is a hand-sewn synthetically made product. The women’s handball is made of a high quality material resulting in high shape stability for long periods of time. It is equipped with a cosflex special high grip cover material and is one of the most sought after products in the market. This is the ball to get your game rolling.

Value For Money

JJ Jonex is an old brand in the world of sports equipment. They have built a reputation for hardy, tough products that are designed to withstand harsh playing conditions that are normally par for the course in India. And that’s exactly what one can expect out of the JJ Jonex Gold Handball. It is made of durable rubber material, which is tightly sown to prevent breaches from forming. The rubber material also gives the ball great response and ensures good performance. If you want a handball that serves your needs, without imposing a high cost, JJ Jonex Gold Handball is the right choice for you.

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