Roller skates for beginners to learn skateboarding

FP Studio November 25, 2020 14:31:59 IST
Roller skates for beginners to learn skateboarding

Strong support

Bright orange colored roller skates to that combine fun with fitness. Grab these skates, get out of your home and skate with class. It is a light weight skater, so you don’t have to worry about knee or back pains. It comes with PU Synthetic wheels, so don’t worry about the damage as it is a very long lasting wheel. It has a strong steel chassis to carry heavy body weight. Flash Roller skates are perfect for children who are slightly on the heavier side.

High safety Measures

The LED Skating Board makes your skating experience smoother with highly durable wheels specially designed for kids. It comes with two vibrant colors: Blue and red. Multi-board or multi colored skates are also available. It is suitable for children under the age of 10 as high safety measures are provided with toe stop brakes. The material is made of plastic. A belt is provided for your ankle to ensure stability. It has inbuilt clips in the bottom for size variations of your choice. Minimum length is 16 cm and extended length using clip is 21 cm.

Adjustable roller skates

Baby Roller skates comes with a dazzling combination of yellow color for the wheels, belt and lace along with green color for the chassis of the body. It comes in two types of materials namely Plastic and Rubber. It is highly adjustable according to the size as two keys are provided in the base section for proper railing. It is recommended for both boys and girls under the age of 10. Toe brakes are provided with roller to ensure safety. Tighten the lace and send your little one to play in style. The minimum length is 16 cm and extended length with the use of key is 21 cm.

Great Design

Strauss Tenacity Roller Skates are the some of the best roller skates around with great shoe design. Wheels, lace and straps are brightly toned with red color along with classic black color on its chassis. To make the railing smooth, precision balls are inbuilt with the skates making it highly durable. To ensure high level of grip rubber wheels are used. It is suitable for both boys and girls under the age group of 4 to 6 years. The white belt along the sides gives a shiny appearance with black base. It is zinc plated with mild steel material. As it is man-made, it is of extremely high quality. Your children will be safe in these.

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