Reusable face masks for kids

FP Studio September 17, 2020 09:57:40 IST
Reusable face masks for kids

Keep your child free from allergies

These masks are a great purchase to protect your children from the dangers of air pollution and are ideal for daily use. Ultra-soft, skin-friendly materials make these certified N95 masks breathable and allow exhaled moisture to escape easily so that your kids will stay comfortable while being safe from most germs and allergens. Designed for smaller faces, these masks also have an adjustable soft nose clip that allows you to squeeze it on both sides of the bridge of your nose to give youtube best protection.

Clean air at an affordable price

Protect your child’s lungs from dirty air with these cotton masks. Handmade with very fine cotton cloth, these lightweight masks allow you to breathe easily while keeping you safe from dust and allergens. This product is soft and has a beautiful finish that will enable you to wear it for many hours at a time comfortably. Apart from the dual layers of protection, this mask also lets you get a different look thanks to its reversible design. For best results, wash and dry your mask after every use.
If you’re looking for a budget-friendly mask that fits like a glove, you can’t go wrong with this product.

The ideal mask for younger children

These masks are an excellent option to introduce your child to the world of breathing protection. The unisex design and multiple lovely patterns allow you to use these masks on little girls and boys alike. As this set comes with six designs and many bright colours that appeal to kids, your children will want to wear them all the time. The high-quality elastic ear bands allow your child to wear these masks without worrying about itching or allergies around the ears.
This set of six washable masks will keep your little ones protected for many months.

Let your child breathe easy

These washable and reusable masks for children come with an exhalation valve that makes breathing easier. With six layers of protection including an activated carbon layer, this mask protects you from dust, bad odours, car exhausts and other fumes in the air. Certified to N99 grade, you can have peace of mind knowing that this durable mask provides the highest levels of safety. To keep these reusable masks in the best condition, remember to remove the valve before you gently hand wash them.
Buy this product for the best comfort and protection for your child.

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