Refreshing, delicious Teas to enjoy this summer

FP Studio February 15, 2021 10:56:34 IST
Refreshing, delicious Teas to enjoy this summer

Healthy and refreshing

This iced tea from BrewHouse Tea Brewing Company has a lot going for it. For starters, it’s the only Indian Iced Tea certified as organic by USDA and India Organic. It’s brewed from natural ingredients and uses a process that retains vitamins A, B, C, D. This organic tea is also an effective antioxidant. It doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, concentrates, powders and chemicals, so it's 100 percent healthy. With six flavours in a pack, you can enjoy a variety of flavours too.

Invigorating and cool

There’s nothing like a cold peach flavoured iced tea when it’s a scorcher outside. Nestea Instant Iced Tea delivers a quality product that you won’t be able to resist. This iced tea packs a lot of flavour into a glass, but it isn’t overwhelming, stodgy or too sweet. The tea strikes the right balance between tangy and sweet and the crystals dissolve into cold water almost immediately. Besides, it's rich in Vitamin C making it a healthy alternative to other summer drinks.

Zesty and refreshing

Stir up a glass of zesty lemon iced tea from TE-A-ME and enjoy the citrus tea blend laced with the aromatic flavour of lemongrass. TE-A-ME’s blend is a great antioxidant, and the blend has antibacterial and antiviral properties too. TE-A-ME’s tea bags are staple free – so there won’t be traces of metal in your tea. Further, the pyramid shape of the tea bags allows layers of flavours to unfurl gently into the water while you brew your tea. The nuanced flavours and the health perks are what gets our vote.


This blend of instant tea mix is convenient, travel friendly and delicious. Put a scoop or two of it into hot or cold water, give it a quick stir and enjoy a quality cuppa. The flavours are light but invigorating. We find that this mix is perfect for any time of the day or night. Its packaging is hardy and convenient to stash into a bag for a tea break anytime and anywhere. This is the perfect drink mix to take on long haul flights, picnics, day trips, hikes or even a long day at work.

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