Rechargeable cycle lights for long term use

FP Studio December 31, 2020 02:09:59 IST
Rechargeable cycle lights for long term use

For a superbright choice

Crafted from a tough aluminium alloy, this rugged device puts out an incredible 350 lumens of light. Making you visible to oncoming traffic up to 400 meters away, this light is the perfect companion for cycling in the dark. With five lighting modes to choose from, you can get up to six hours of use on a single charge. The easy to use strap makes installation effortless, and you won't require any tools to set up. What's more, is that you can unclip this versatile light from the bicycle and use it as a regular torch for camping, jogging and outdoor activities.
For a capable cycle light with multiple lighting modes, choose this one.

Hassle-free all-weather lighting

This easy to use light has a conveniently located switch at the top so you can comfortably switch between low, medium, high and flashing light modes. Along with the power-efficient LED unit, you also get a USB charging cable and a handy rubber mounting strap in the box. A design feature that we love is that you can swivel this light to any direction without taking it off the handlebars. Thanks to its water-resistant design, you can have peace of mind when you're cycling outdoors, even if it starts to rain.
If you're looking for a great light for that's ideal for monsoon rides, we recommend buying this one.

Stay safe in the dark

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this compact cycle light produces 45 lumens of light on its brightest mode. Featuring three lighting profiles at the press of a button, this bright headlight is suitable for all your riding needs. Thanks to a quick charging 1200mAh battery, you'll spend less time plugged in and always have enough power for your longest cycle routes. Especially useful for on-road emergencies this device also comes with two red warning lights that keep you visible to others in the dark.
For a small light that packs a punch, you can't go wrong buying this one.

Powerful LED headlight with horn

Ideal for night rides on dimly lit roads, this two-in-one light comes with a robust battery and gives you up to five hours of illumination. With a brightness of 250 lumens, you'll find riding at nighttime, a more enjoyable experience. Boasting five different tones, at 140-decibels, the horn is extremely useful to attract attention. Keeping you safe while on the road, we find this device well worth the price. This light also features a convenient charge indicator that illuminates red when plugged in and turns green to indicate a full battery.
If you're looking for a cycle light with a horn that's an excellent value for money, this one's for you.

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