Push toy ride ons for kids

FP Studio December 22, 2020 11:48:01 IST
Push toy ride ons for kids

Spiderman themed ride

A smooth ride made of highly durable PVC material having a very elegant make. It has a spiderman theme which is one of the favourite and most loved animated characters by the kids. It is suitable to be used indoors as well as outdoor places. This product is designed in a way to provide utmost comfort to the baby with optimum height and rounded edges to ensure no harm is caused by this product to him or her. With a spacious seat and comfortable backrest, VBE Latest Music Handle & Non Pedal Skate Type Operated Toy for Children Ride turns out to be one of the best for kids.

Storage utility box

A ride on having a very study made with big strong wheels and high backrest ensuring smooth working and no back ache to the kids. It is made of high quality durable material that can withstand upto 30-35kgs of weight. To keep the baby entertained this product is provided with various light effects and multiple musical notes. Fun Ride Rabbit Ride-on Push Car is the product which shall ensure no mess is created as it comes with a utility storage box wherein your kid can keep his/her favourite toys.

Doremon-based theme

Doremon is one of the most watched cartoons by the kids and its themed merchandise is always preferred and loved by them. To make your search easy KIDZY - Doraemon Mini Magic CAR has the theme of doremon cartoon along with being made with high quality material that makes the boy of this ride unbreakable thus serving for a long period of time. It has an easy swimming controlled handle with music and is made with colourful harmless European standard design. So if you are looking for a doraemon based ride on This product is made for you.

Heavy load bearing capacity

A perfect ride for kids to be used at home owing to its smooth and quiet working which will not disturb the other members of the house. It is made of BPA free plastic and designed in a way that gives a safe riding experience to the kid. The PU wheels used in this product does not leave any marks of the flooring. R for Rabbit Iya Iya Scratch Free Twister Magic Swing Car Ride ons for Kids has a capacity of bearing up to 120kgs of weight, being made for kids above 3 years, it can bear the load of adults too.

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