Purify the air in your home or office with these top air filters

FP Studio December 12, 2020 02:00:06 IST
Purify the air in your home or office with these top air filters

Ideal for people with allergies

With a combination of active and passive filters, this air purifier can give you the cleanest air indoors. If you suffer from allergies, you’ll find this device’s three-layered filter a blessing. While the pre-filter and activated carbon filters trap large particles like pet hair and eliminate odours, the HEPA filter efficiently tackles bacteria and microscopic allergens. Designed for durability, you can use this air purifier throughout the year without any interruptions. Thanks to its simple to use functions, even children and elderly family members won’t have any trouble operating it.
If you’re looking for relief from allergies at home or the office, this air purifier can help you breathe a little easier.

Best premium air purifier for smart homes

Featuring advanced sensors, and patented bladeless fan technology, this air purifier fills your room with over 360L of purified air per second. Being WFi and Bluetooth enabled means you won’t have any issues integrating it within your existing smart home network. You can control this air purifier through the included remote, the dedicated app or with simple voice commands thanks to its compatibility with all Alexa devices. To help you get a better night’s sleep, it also has a night mode that features quieter operation while dimming the display.
If you’re looking to add an air purifier to your smart Home appliances , then this one will leave you in awe.

Great for home or office use

This fantastic Air purifier features five-stage filtration, impressive 18-step air purification and a 360-degree air delivery system. Effective for rooms up to 950 sq ft, this air purifier is ideal for large homes or offices. Continually scanning the air for pollutants through its advanced sensors, this device automatically ventilates the room and delivers optimum air quality. As it is WiFi-enabled, you can have the flexibility to control all its functions through the convenient android or iOS app. The high-quality caster wheels make moving this device around or between rooms an effortless process.
For an air purifier that gives you maximum control over the air you breathe, you can’t go wrong buying this one.

Ideal for small homes

Designed for rooms of up to 300sq. ft, this device features HEPA and active carbon filters that effectively clean indoor air. As this device comes with three stages of purification, variable fan speeds, pollution sensors and a pocket-friendly price tag, it’s easy to see why it offers exceptional value. Using advanced anti-microbe technology, it helps to keep your family safe from bacteria, mould and other allergens. Giving you peace of mind, the digital timer function lets you choose from four preset run times before the device shuts off automatically.
For the perfect balance of performance and affordability, we highly recommend buying this capable air purifier.

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