Protect your electronics with these top voltage protectors

FP Studio February 11, 2021 11:38:11 IST
Protect your electronics with these top voltage protectors

Best for TV sets

This voltage stabiliser comes with many features to keep your TVs, set-top boxes and DVD players protected. Operating between 90V and 290V to correct spikes in current, it automatically cuts power to the device if the voltage exceeds the limits. Suitable for TVs up to 32-inches, you can also use it with generator sets. Easy to install, it comes with mounts that help you effortlessly secure it onto a wall or the floor. This fantastic device's other features include a mains turn-on delay, output voltage correction, and a compact design.
To keep your TV well protected from electrical damage, we recommend investing in this device.

Ideal for heavy-duty use

Made from high-quality materials, this voltage stabiliser includes a 100% copper coil for maximum efficiency. It comes with pre-drilled holes on the side, which makes it easy to mount on any wall. The multiple ventilation slits, make sure that the device remains cool even over extended periods. A feature we appreciate is the digital screen that accurately displays the voltage. Designed for use with high-energy appliances, this stabiliser is perfectly suited for refrigerators and AC units. Offering protection from fluctuating current, it maintains the output below 240V. For an efficient voltage stabiliser that's capable of protecting a wide range of devices, choose this one.

Wide-range electrical protection

Featuring a space-saving design, this device helps you to keep electrical flow regulated between 90 and 290 Volts. With an output rating of 850W, you can hook it up to several different devices. Thanks to its sophisticated circuitry, it delivers consistently good performance while protecting your appliances from short circuits. While the high-grade copper winding on the transformers efficiently conducts heat, thermal sensors inside help keep the device cool during operation. You're sure to appreciate that this device can reduce your power consumption by up to 40%, and help you save money in the long run. If you're on the lookout for a voltage stabiliser with excellent power efficiency, you should consider this one.

For the maximum protection

This voltage regulator comes equipped with three conveniently accessible, grounded, 6A sockets so that you can protect up to three appliances through it. With a load capacity of 600W, this voltage protector is suitable for all kinds of Home appliances from TVs to refrigerators. By actively regulating fluctuating voltages, this device helps you to increase the lifespan of your connected electronics. Packed with safety features like child-safe output sockets, well-grounded outlets, a resettable circuit breaker, and extended input voltages, we find this unit delivers excellent Value for the price. If you're looking for a voltage regulator with impressive safety features, this one's worth a look.

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