Prevent digital eye strain with these anti-glare eye-glasses

FP Studio February 09, 2021 10:47:54 IST
Prevent digital eye strain with these anti-glare eye-glasses

No more eye strain

This pair from Peter Jones protects your eyes from blue light emitted by TV's, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices. Its anti-glare lenses block UV rays and reduce eye fatigue and blurred vision. The non-prescription lenses are clear enough for you to see your screen clearly without having to strain your eyes. If you do wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, you can still order a pair. The round frame is lightweight, boasts a fun unisex design and is made of a material that won't irritate your skin. Perfect for long hours at work or the study table.

Blue light filter

These are the perfect fit for students and teenagers (Size 50, Medium) who have to rely on screens more and more as their workload increases. Made for people who don't need prescription glasses, this durable pair of eyeglasses are fitted with UV420 lenses that filter out blue rays. The slight tint in the lens once you put the glasses on might take some getting used to, but the improvement in screen clarity is almost immediate. You'll be able to work and study for sustained periods with a noticeable boost in concentration.

Retro frames

JIM HALO's Blue Blocking Computer glasses have retro square plastic frames that scream 'hipster at work', but they've got substance as well as style. The anti-glare UB400 lenses block UVA/UVB rays effectively and the dimensions of these glasses make them a comfortable, durable choice for the office. But they're not just for work! Wear them if you're at the movies, watching Netflix late at night or scrolling through your social media. The anti-blue light lenses keep your circadian rhythms in check and will allow you a good night's sleep.

Stylish Cat-eye lens

The cat-eye lens will never go out of style and this pair from Peter Jones is no exception. Lightweight, classy and delicate, these reading glasses have lenses that protect you from over-exposure to screens, eye fatigue, eye strain and even brain embolisms. The anti-glare lenses will make a huge difference in how productive you are since they will eliminate stress headaches and blurry vision too. Make your hours at work count with these glasses and you'll be able to relax much faster after.

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