Preserve Your Baby’s Memories With Top Baby Handprint And Footprint Photo Kits

FP Studio June 23, 2020 17:28:31 IST
Preserve Your Baby’s Memories With Top Baby Handprint And Footprint Photo Kits

Preserve Those Memories

There is something so endearing about a newborn's tiny little fingers and toes. Chubby and cherub-like, every parent wants to immortalize their child’s innocence. But there is one way to help new parents to keep these memories alive forever. And that’s the Raj Plaster Gravelart Baby Handprint and Footprint with Photo Frame Kit, complete with everything to make a one of a kind model of your baby’s hands and feet. Soft impression clay rolled out smoothly in a frame, a photo pasting board and easy instructions to help you every step of the way. Once you complete the instructions, the deluxe Gravelart Keepsake Frame Kit will give you the perfect way to display the sweet memories!

Everlasting Cuteness

Everybody wants to remember their child’s infancy. That’s why MOLD YOUR MEMORIES Baby Hand & Footprint Kit Keepsake Photo Frame is such a great choice to capture and preserve your baby’s innocence. It’s an art project that will be a breeze to execute, thanks to the special non-toxic, malleable clay, which means recording your child’s handprint and footprint is quick. The frame can then be hung on the wall or showcased on a tabletop. Either way, the Mold Your Memories Baby Hand & Footprint Kit will let you always remember your child the way they once were.

Remembering The Love

When it comes to preserving your baby’s memories, there can be no compromise. That’s why EZ Life Born Baby Photo Desk Frame with Hand or Foot Permanent Impressions on Baby Safe Clay is a great choice, giving you an easy and safe way to record your baby handprints and footprints. The malleable clay hardens up within 24 to 36 hours of the impression being made, to give you a lifetime of nostalgia. What adds is the decorative frame, to reflect the beauty of your memories and emotions.

A Parent’s Delight

Give your baby the special place in your life that they deserve, with the Pear Head Babyprints Baby Handprint and Footprint Deluxe Desk Photo Frame and Impression Kit. Not only is this kit easy to use, it’s also aesthetically designed to perfectly reflect the importance attached to your memories. Additionally, using it is extremely easy, with an impression material that leaves no mess behind. Once the impression has been taken, all it needs is 24 to 36 hours to dry up and leave you with a lifetime of sweet memories.

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