Premium tents for camping in the great outdoors

FP Studio November 25, 2020 14:14:35 IST
Premium tents for camping in the great outdoors

Triple proof tent

The Forceatt Backpacking tent is triple proof because it is waterproof, wind proof and also pest proof. The combination of greyish white and red wine color gives a magic touch to the tent which can support up to two people comfortably. It has a curvy structure after you set it up. It has a D shaped door and setting up this tent is not very complex. The airflow is provided from the upper portion as it has a ceiling with net to avoid ventilation problems with the use of micro-mesh fabric. Don’t worry about the wetted or sandy ground as the tent has a welded floor. Great option for soft camping spots.

Pop up tent

This olive green tent gives you a natural feel inside and outside the tent while you are staying in a forest. It can support up to 3 people (4 if you squeeze in) as it has large dimensions. The outer layer of the tent is made up of polyester to protect the tent from rain. The mesh door keeps the mosquitoes away. A hook is provided at the top of the tent to hang up hand lamps and bags to store food materials. It is provided with grips and poles to set up the tent with ease. Before setting up, it is very handy which can be kept inside a bag ensuring high portability. The Sportneer camping tent is great if you are camping near wildlife.

Lightweight tent

The Bessport Ultralight Camping tent comes in three colours: Grey, orange and green. It is a light weight tent which can support up to two persons at a time. It is water proof and it can be very handy to carry as it is a small tent. Strong belts are provided with a clutch to ensure the grip under the tent. It is made up of impenetrable design to avoid leakage of water during drain without having any air gaps. It is made up of aluminum alloy stakes with reflective guy line for wind-resistance. It can be moved easily without de-assembling it as it is very light weight.

Double layered tent

This tent comes in two brightly contrasted colors like blue and orange with black borders that make it stand out. It also stands out because of its sun-proof feature which is very distinctive from other tents. Though it is double layered it is highly breathable. It has two way zipper with ventilation bags on either sides of the tent which is prone to insects with mesh door. Velcro design makes everything easier where sturdiness is ensured through aluminum poles. Storage bags and handle to move the tent are also two distinct features. Connection buckle is provided at the base of tent to ensure lock. The Bissina mountaineering tent is great for hot spaces.

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