Premium skateboards that are great for exercise and practice

FP Studio November 25, 2020 14:09:09 IST
Premium skateboards that are great for exercise and practice

7 Layer Skateboard

The Geelife Longboard is a multi-colored skateboard with a combination of pink, yellow, blue and black colours with a touch of galaxy theme. It is made with two types of material: Aluminum and maple wood. A pair of wheels at both the ends are made up of PU skid proof material and have a delicate white color. The deck is made up of 7 layers to withstand any volume of weight until 200 kg on it, with chromium steel bearings on the wheels to ensure safety. The base is waterproof making it both tough and elastic to bear the weight. It is light weight and curved with optimal shape. Great for beginners.

Cruiser skateboard

Grab the feel of aquatic ride with this skate board as it has a picture of two fishes swimming on the ocean. The shape of skater is re-defined with a different style resembling the foot. White colored wheels are covered with a transparent and soft urethane metal to give a glassy look. A strong steel axle is provided to join both the ends of the wheel. Though it is a premium skateboard it can be used by both beginners as well as by professionals as the base is made up of maple wood for grip. For people who want to skate without the stunts.

Slight curve

The Mingto complete Skateboard is ideal for beginner and pro to do some basic stunts and other tricks. Unlike, other skateboards it is not flat and it has a slight curve on the edge. The graphics are eye catching and kids will love this. It is made up of a 7 layer Canadian maple wood to withstand heavy weights on it. This skateboard is well built, durable and a great price. The total length of skateboard is 31.5 cm where the height is 8 cm. It provides great balance and the grip at the top is smooth.

Standard skateboard

The Arcade Skateboard is one of the best skateboards that suitable for both beginners and experts in skating. It is a pre-assembled board which can be used by the pro-players to perform all kinds of tricks and eye-catching flips on curves of floors. It has some of the best fitted axles and bearing, turnings and carvings can be made with ease without getting fallen or stuck. It is made up of maple wood to hold weight up to 220 lbs. For getting the extra speed, PU wheels are used along with carbon steel for axles. It comes in a variety of designs for beginners with more attractive themes.

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