Premium scarves for women

FP Studio November 23, 2020 09:04:21 IST
Premium scarves for women

Royal looks

A scarf made from the blend of merino wool and cotton fabric creating an exclusive product. The scarf is in beige colour having lace work on it which together creates a very regal look being 2.5 meters in length and 1meter in width. The best feature of this is the merino wool used in it absorbs odor caused by bacteria and keeps you fresh the whole day. If you are looking for a scarf to be worn at an evening party, Akshara Women's/Girl's Lacy Merino Wool Scarf is the best buy.

Floral design scarf

This is a beautiful blue turq scarf with thick black borders and floral designs on it with darker shade of blue and black which creates an eye-catching monotone. The scarf is made of silk fabric that gives it a very soft and smooth texture. If you are a floral design lover, Satya Paul Women's Silk Scarf (Blue Turq) is definitely the one you will like.

Very comfortable scarf

A plain scarf in pretty pink colour that is lightweight, very soft and comfortable. It is made from cashmere wool that allows this scarf to retain heat excellently along with the flawless drap it creates. The borders of this scarf are tattered giving it a modern look. BaliHai by Pashma Women's Silk & Cashmere Pashmina Solid Pink Scarf can be used for a casual meeting or late evening outing to keep you warm.

Reversible scarf

A beautiful sea green coloured scarf that has traditional kashmiri design on it with perfect embellishments. It is made of natural lamb wool that gives a very soft feel and warm texture. The wool used is very lightweight thus the scarf too is lightweight yet has excellent heat retention capacity. This scarf has checkered patterns of hues of green and golden. If you are looking for a scarf for formal setting, just go for Pashtush Women's Wool Self Reversible Stole Check Design, Silk-Fine Wool, Scarfs.

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