Premium men's jackets to make heads turn

FP Studio November 20, 2020 15:06:40 IST
Premium men's jackets to make heads turn

Elegantly and stylishly fashionable

This is a bomber jacket made of 100% polyester making it very comfortable on skin along with being able to retain heat very efficiently. It has an excellent stitching down to keep the filler stuffed properly to make it strong and durable.The jacket is in shimmery blue colour and is provided with 2 pockets with zipper closure and the overall closure too is a zipper with a high neck. If you are looking for a bomber jacket, Columbia Men's Jacket is the one for you. It is advised that this jacket should be machine washed only.

High neck quilted jacket

This jacket is a unique combination of warmth and lightweight. It is made of 100% polyester fabric thus is soft, comfortable and abrasion resistant. The jacket is in beautiful deep blue colour having a high neck with a hood. A zipper closure is provided along with 2 pockets. If you are looking for a jacket that can be used on travel to cold places, t-base Navy Blue Solid Quilted Jacket - Jacket for Men is the best buy owing to the warmth it will provide you along with being light in weight.

Excellent for harsh cold

This jacket is made from 100% nylon which makes it tough and durable to wear and tear yet feels slightly silky and light on skin. It is highly breathable, waterproof and strong along with being quite stretchable that will take the shape of your body and cling to your frame keeping you warm. The jacket is regular fit in solid black colour with a hood, zip fly and 4 zipper pockets. If you are looking for a jacket to be used in severe cold conditions while you are trekking or on any adventure sports, HIVER Men's Nylon Xtreme2.0 Jacket is the best buy for you.

Classic red and black combination

A rhubarb coloured bomber jacket having excellent insulation in a very uniformed manner that creates a ribbed design, is made of polyester. The wraparound collar is very well padded to give utmost comfort along with the tight wrist cuffs that will reduce the amount of heat escape. It comes with a zipper closure and is of regular fit having 2 pockets and a hood. If you are looking for a long time period survival jacket then, Puma Men's Regular Fit Jacket is the one for you. It is advised to strictly give this jacket a machine wash.

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