Precision toolkits to make working easy

FP Studio May 05, 2021 23:02:14 IST
Precision toolkits to make working easy

Screwdriver head

A screwdriver toolkit crafted with high precision bearing design. The screwdriver is light in weight and has a non-slip grip. It has a magnetic handle which holds the screwdriver head securely, all you have to do is rotate 180 degrees and pull the screwdriver head out and insert it into the handle and the magnet present inside will do its work. Techtest 25 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Multi Pocket Repair Tool Kit comes with 25 screwdriver heads packed in a leather wallet that is easily portable and is perfect for smartphone repair.

Flexible shaft

An alloy steel set of 60 bits - the comprehensive standard in precision screwdriver bit sets. It is made of chrome-vanadium steel which makes the drivers withstand extremely high torque output and extremely durable. The screwdriver comes with an extra extended rod having its length adjustable up to 60mm and you have easy access to screws present in all locations. The flexible soft shaft is an add on to help while working on screw presne in blind angle. Being packed in a leather wallet it consists of star hexagon, cross, flat-blade, pentagon, y-type, triangle, and point screwdriver heads. Famous Quality Professional Toolkit is the best for dissembling any electronic device.

Secure grip handle

A screwdriver having its grip made from high quality aviation aluminum that is durable and convenient to use with the bearing at the tail of the grip. The grip handle is non-magnetic and has a swivel top which allows you to apply pressure and swivel the screwdriver simultaneously without any issues. It is provided with a det of 24 different sized screwdriver bit fits that perfectly ets attached to the handle. They can be easily changed from one to another but just switching to different screws giving a very easy operation. THEMISTO 27 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Multi Pocket Repair Tool Kit is very good for the handy little jobs like adjusting glasses, tightening up screws in jewellry, repairing watches, etc.

Pocket screwdriver set

This professional screwdriver set is made of stainless steel that vouches for its strength, durability and rust resistance. It comes with 30 pieces of screwdriver bits that comprises of 9 torex heads which can be used for electronic devices, 4 cross heads and 7 straight heads that are the commonly needed ones, 8 hex heads for machines and guns and 2 phillip heads which are crafted with precision for high efficiency output and takes care of any and every requirement of the owner making HUSB Precision 31 in 1 Repairing Interchangeable Precise Screwdriver Tool Set Kit a must buy product.

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