Powerful horn sets for your car

FP Studio February 09, 2021 10:02:59 IST
Powerful horn sets for your car

Powerful sound

Here is the ideal horn to change from your low volume car horn. This horn works on a 12V battery and has a very easy to fit design. It can work in a lot of cars as well as bikes. It also has a great sound quality that will keep you safe on the road and will get you on the roadside for overtaking any vehicle. You can install Roots Roots Windtone Horn extremely easily and hassle free. It is made of a good quality material and gives you a durable and long lasting performance.

Sturdy material

Here is a powerful and strong voiced horn that you absolutely need for your car. It is made of a good quality and sturdy ABS material. This horn set contains two horns and a connector which runs smoothly on a 12 volt battery. It has strong harmonic trumpet sound and the harmonic dimension of the horn is 82mm. It is also absolutely easy to install and use. Iron Clutch Horn has a sound similar to Skoda horns which is the most suited sound to alert everyone. It is also anti-corrosion, water-proof and is suitable for all weather conditions.

Versatile design

Here is a horn which has a sound that will not fail to impress you. Bosch Symphony set of 2 Horns have a sound which is absolutely perfect and seems like an amalgamation of sound and style. It is easy to install which runs on a 12v power supply and has a 420/500 Hz frequency. This horn has a feature that enhances the sound to make it more audible and give a clear signal to other drivers. It has a versatile design so you can mount it horizontally as well as vertically. It also has high compatibility and can fit in most vehicles. This horn is made of a durable plastic material which is resistant to fracture and corrosion.

Resistant to corrosion

This horn guarantees you the best functionality that you require. This horn provides unmatched quality at a great price. It has a harmonious and loud trumpet sound with 400/500 Hz audio frequency. The versatile design makes horizontal as well as vertical installation possible. HELLA Chrome Trumpet Horn Set features a Teflon pill that protects from humidity and optimized sound tunnel, making it corrosion resistant. These horns are a perfect example where safety meets quality and style. It is available in many attractive colors and is compatible with most vehicles.

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